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Like on the first day of high school, a room filled with Carver/Marquis dealers sat silently when vp of design and engineering Josh Delforge asked for feedback on the recently launched Carver 43 Coupe and renderings of their new 50. No one wanted to be the first to raise his or her hand. It was an inauspicious start to the brainstorming session at the group’s annual dealer meeting held in Ft. Myers, Florida.

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Must-Sea Movie

One of the most daring Coast Guard rescues took place on February 18, 1952 when a 504-foot tanker was ripped in two by a hurricane off Massachussetts. Dispatched to rescue the crew of 41 in 60-foot seas was a 36-foot rescue vessel with room for 12 persons. Disney Studios has released its first trailer for a movie based on this feat of bravery called The Finest Hours, starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster. Set to be released in January, you can check out the heart-pumping trailer here:

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Striper 270 CC

The dealers that were aboard for the ride nodded in approval as the 270 flew over another boat’s wake as if it had been a ripple. Throttling back slightly we carved a quick and smooth U-turn and headed back to the dock. Our ride would end all too soon but there was a long line of dealers waiting under a scorching Florida sun waiting for their turn.

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A Curmudgeon’s Cynical Look at Digital Boating

What has happened to us? Paper charts, dead reckoning, and basic navigational methods and skills are fast becoming obsolete due to computerized GPS plotters. Every day I watch boaters attempt to drive a boat looking at a computer screen when visual aids marking a channel are clearly visible 20 feet away.

By Capt. Steve Creel |

A Picture’s Worth

“For at least two years he wanted to go on grandpa’s ship,” his father explains.

The Coast Guard was happy to oblige, giving the boy a tour and presenting him with one of the unit’s ball caps and other gifts. 

His father concludes, “For people who work on a boat it’s not a big deal, but for him it’s a big deal. This is going to stay with him for a long time.”

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Fishing Leaders

When we spoke with Moore, the drawings of the tower had just been finalized and the “his” side of the master head was being put in place. “Really design-wise with Viking, it’s tough to come in and ask them to change anything because they’re pretty spot on, on everything,” he says. “I know Frank was big on the galley. Viking had to come up with some cool ways to make that happen and it all came together.”

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Carpe Diem (August 2015 Logbook)

Don’t panic. Yes, this is the August issue, which means the boating season is winding down for some of our readers in North America. Heck, we’re already working on our fall issues of Power & Motoryacht. One symptom of working two months out is you are often slightly confused about exactly what time of year it is at any given moment. 

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