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Regret is a terrible thing. Regretting that you didn't go cruising as much as you could have during the summer, well that's even worse.

Broker Insight: Hatteras 70 Motoryacht

Hatteras 70 Motoryacht

By Jason Y. Wood

The timeless Hatteras 70 Series 2 Motoryacht proves the qualities and design elements required for a comfortable cruiser are just as relevant today as they were 30 years ago.

Gizmo Goes North (Part 4 of 4)

Ben Ellison on Gizmo

The morning of our last day aboard Gizmo began with a heightened sense of urgency. 106 miles, 4- to 6-foot seas, and almost 20 knots of wind stood between us and Camden, but we were determined, come hell or following seas, to get there...

Gizmo Goes North (Part 3)

Ben Ellison

Gizmo Goes North (Part 2)


Gizmo Goes North (Part 1)

Ben Elison on Gizmo

The sound of waves crashing on the jetty waft through the saloon, while AIM Marine Group Senior Electronics Editor Ben Ellison—illuminated by a single red LED overhead, pecks at his keyboard. He’s toggling between plotting the next day’s course on Coastal Explorer and answering questions posted on his electronics blog...

The BTB Mako Rodeo Is Coming in Hot

Mako fishing