A Curmudgeon’s Cynical Look at Digital Boating


Call me out of touch, call me old school, call me whatever you want, I don’t care. I have reached the age where what people say or think of me does not matter. I know I’m old school. I like boats made from trees. I like dirt roads and I like cars and trucks that look like a Ford or Chevy, with manual crank windows and side window vents. Hell, even this old country bumpkin can parallel park on a city street without a camera, computer, automatic transmission, or power steering! Oh yeah, and I like road maps.

A Picture’s Worth

Denis Butierries holding his six-year-old son

Every year the Coast Guard hosts a photo competition; and from shots of helicopters soaring across stormy skies to high-speed patrol boats chasing a sunset, the entries are stunning. This year’s top prize was awarded to the simple shot above. It shows Denis Butierries holding his six-year-old son aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Rush, the boat that his grandfather had served aboard. Jacob suffers spinal muscular atrophy. Doctors have given him a year to live. His longtime wish was to go aboard Rush, which he calls “papa’s battleship.”

Fishing Leaders

We caught up with Fa La Me owner Frank Rodriguez and Capt. Rob Moore, not an easy task since this Viking sportfisherman is usually on the move, chasing world-class fishing. But since Rodriguez’s 70-footer sold in mid-March, the team has been fishing Panama and Costa Rica and overseeing the build of the new Fa La Me, hull No. 4. of a Viking 92.


Carpe Diem (August 2015 Logbook)

Don’t panic. Yes, this is the August issue, which means the boating season is winding down for some of our readers in North America.

Threading the Needle

Key West Race Week in January 2000 was one of the largest keelboat sailing regattas in the world at the time. There were more than 300 racing sailboats on the island for the event.

Motion in the Ocean

Renewable energy is something that most of us can get behind. But, renewable energy at the cost of filling the horizon with wind turbines and solar farms? Whoa, not so fast. 


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