Bertram 35

Our boat test of the Bertram 35. Bertram is back with a powerful, seamlessly built 35-footer that’s as pretty as the sportfishing exemplar that inspired her, the iconic Bertram 31.

Bertram 35

Our first look at the Bertram 35. A pleasant mix of old-school lines and modern systems, the 35 should be just the thing to ring in the return of a popular brand.

Bertram 64

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Bertram 64. 

Bertram’s latest launch, the 64, is a fishing boat that will be able to compete with anything on the market thanks in no small part to her powerful Cat C32 ACERTs and seakindly, wave-slicing, deep-V hull. Capt. Bill Pike put her through a rigorous test and found just about everything onboard to his liking.

Bertram 54

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Bertram 54

Next time you want to take a run to the fishing grounds, see if you can do it in a Bertram 54. According to Editor-In-Chief George Sass Jr., the revised ride of this new model warrants closer inspection, among other features, inside and out. See what our test revealed here.

Yacht Rescue in Panama

During the early ’90s, Colón, Panama, was a veritable den of cutthroats and thieves. Could a small band of Americans fly down there and liberate a brand-new 72-foot battlewagon—the Flagship of the Bertram fleet—from the decks of a mutinous freighter?

A trapped yacht and an armed rescue team? Just another day in Panama.

Bertram 64

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Bertram 64. Bertram became one of the first names in fishing because of the speed and ride built into every hull. The new 64 promises to keep that heritage alive.

A Daring Rescue of a Tsunami-Swept Yacht

When the tsunami hit northeast Japan in 2011, a Bertram 57 was washed out to sea. Her owner rescued her. Takayuki Nozawa. When I met him for the first time at this year’s Miami Boat Show, I was already somewhat familiar with how he’d saved his beloved Bertram 57 Golden Bay from oblivion after the 2011 tsunami in Japan. I’d seen video footage of his jump from the helicopter. And we’d talked on the phone, him in the office of his Yasuda Shipyard in Tokyo, me in my office in the Florida Panhandle...

Bertram 540

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The Bertram 540 is a modern-day version of the much-loved original Bertram 54 and retains the 54’s famously sharp bow, long waterline, and deep-V hull, which combine to make the boat handle well in open water. Bertram also claims that the 540’s single, centerline fuel tank creates a zero-trim effect that should

Bertram 800

Wicked Tough

Fast and supremely seaworthy, this 80-foot battlewagon is the biggest, baddest Bertram ever.

The day was certainly getting off to a serene start. The canal behind Bertram’s Fort Lauderdale office was glass-flat, with nary a riffle, thanks to lots of wind protection from all the nearby buildings. And our test boat, the new 800, seemed rather tranquil

Bertram 511

A Blast from the Past

Bertram's new battlewagon is suffused with the spirit of her ancestors.

Nothin' else like it in the world," I yelled as our Bertram 511 prototype swung a broad, gracefully banked, highly exhilarating turn. I snatched a couple of anticipatory breaths, tweaked the width of my stance, stabilized my butt against one of two, optional, high-gloss

Rebirth of a Classic

Some say don’t mess with a classic, but the folks at Bertram beg to differ. The Miami-based builder of the new 540 convertible has reinvented the classic 54 it launched in 1981. To a hull that maintains the seaworthiness and fishability of her predecessor, the 540 adds a healthy dose of luxury and a number

Bertram 540 Convertible

It's always dicey messing with a classic, especially one as widely revered as the Bertram 54. But Bertram's parent company, the Ferretti Group, is out to establish its own legend, by innovating and defying the norms. And so the classic 54 is being reborn as the Bertram 540. Make no mistake: This is no mere facelift, with a nip and tuck to update styling. The 540 is the result of a fundamental

Bertram 700

You don't have to have the windows.

That may be the most important message I can convey to hardcore anglers interested in the Bertram 700. I know a bunch of you are this very moment looking at the running shots of our test boat and thinking, "Phew! No real fisherman would have those on his boat."

So all you hypertestosteronics can relax. While the master stateroom hull-side

Bertram 410 Convertible

When I was a kid, I always heard the name Bertram mentioned among boaters. The conversation usually involved someone wanting to buy the now-legendary 31-footer or someone else who had just purchased one. That vessel was—and to many diehards still is—the ultimate in solid-fiberglass, deep-V fishing boats. Aside from the dock talk, I remember the picture of Moppie, the first 31 that was

Bertram 630 Convertible

Hey Jose, can you get this kite over some?” Josh Brown calls up to Capt. Jose Mullian on the bridge. Down in the cockpit Brown’s eyes are glued to the lone kite flying 100 yards astern. The port engine kicks ahead, the wash bubbles out, and the big boat swings a bit to starboard. “Yeah, that’s it,” I hear Brown whisper to himself. “Fly the other one,” he says to Joe Lambert, our other deck

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