Our Boats and Us

Our Boats and Us

A look at the boats behind the editors.

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Have you ever found yourself thumbing through an issue and wondering who we, the staff of Power & Motoryacht, are—or more specifically, what makes us think we have the authority to test and evaluate boats?

It’s a good question. The obvious answer is that boats are our profession, and like any professional, we’ve dedicated ourselves to learning everything we can about our field of endeavor. Like you, we take pride in our work and try to learn everything we can about it.

But unlike some of you, our profession also happens to be our passion. Simply put, we love boats, which is why most of us not only own a boat but also use it every chance we can.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of boat he or she owns. If that’s true, the following profiles of our boats and us should give you considerable insight into not only who we are, but why we like and dislike the things you read about in the stories we write.

But more importantly, these snapshots tell you that, in the end, we’re not just writers and editors. We’re boaters just like you.

And we think that’s what makes PMY the best boating magazine around. —Richard Thiel

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This article originally appeared in the November 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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