Atlantis 38

By Alan Harper | Posted June 2012

A 38-footer from Atlantis continues the rock-and-roll traditions of her predecessor, but now she’s matured and ready to welcome tamer friends and family. Power & Motoryacht's boat test...

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Atlantis 58

By Kevin Koenig | Posted November 2011

Atlantis 58Azimut-Benetti created the Atlantis open line of boats with looks to please all comers. Its flagship is the Atlantis 58. Perhaps the 58’s most striking feature is her profile. With lines...

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Atlantis 50

By Alan Harper | Posted December 2006

Seems you can't turn around for five minutes these days without Atlantis launching a new model. The company has been burning the candle at both ends ever since it was set up in 2001 by Azimut-Benetti...

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Atlantis 39

By Alan Harper | Posted August 2006

Things have become a lot more competitive in Piacenza, Italy, since the Azimut-Benetti Group took over the family-run Gobbi shipyard a couple of years ago. Not that they weren't already in pretty...

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Atlantis 55

By Alan Harper | Posted November 2004

It’s been two years since Paolo Vitelli, head of Azimut-Benetti, absorbed the family-run Gobbi into his empire. The yard was a successful producer of midpriced sports cruisers, known for its advanced...

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