Altima 77

By Pete McDonald | Posted August 2010

Raising the StakesAltima Yachts ups its game with the intro of the 77, a fishable motoryacht.Altima Yachts came on the scene eight years ago as Frank Sciortino sought to produce well- built, well-...

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Altima 45 Euro Sedan

By photos by Ellio... | Posted June 2009

It wasn’t until I piloted the Altima 45 Euro Sedan up Fort Lauderdale’s New River that I began to appreciate this vessel’s close-quarter-handling characteristics.For those not familiar with the New...

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Extend the Ends

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted July 2008

Altima 61 PilothouseThe Altima 61 Pilothouse is a scaled-up version of the builder's 56 Pilothouse. But the addition of 5'1" did not necessitate a significant increase in either clearance or...

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Altima 56

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted March 2008

Who among us has not, after boarding dozens of boats and talking to dozens of salespeople, wished we could just design and build our next boat ourselves so she would be exactly the way we want her?...

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