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The Art of Architecture

In the automotive world, Rolls-Royce stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Its cars aren’t the fastest, sleekest, or most tricked-out, but that doesn’t matter—what does matter is the name and the product stand for the utmost in luxury. Witness the fact that wealthy individuals ranging from heads of state to heads of multimillion-dollar corporations want and/or own one—indeed,

Show Us the Money

The phone rings—it’s Warren Buffett. He has an investment opportunity that should pay 15, maybe 20 percent over the next couple of years. You can get into for $10 million, but he needs a commitment right away. Only thing is, you’ve just spent all your money on a megayacht. Warren mutters something about your financial savvy and hangs up.

Now you know

Birthday Bash

It all began with an e-mail: “Come to Amsterdam and wish Rembrandt a Happy 400th birthday.” It seems Crown Blue Line (CBL) was promoting its charter boats in Holland. I’d no idea you could bareboat in Holland, yet discovered the company has two bases there—one in Strand Horst, 35 miles east of Amsterdam, and the other in Sneek, about 60 miles north of Strand

Anchors Aweigh

The test team launched, attempted to set, and retrieved each anchor at least four times over two days.

I’ve heard of boaters who choose an anchor based upon how good it looks in the roller. But the right anchor should do more than just look sharp. In fact, it should do more than secure your beloved boat to the bottom. When things

Bitter (Sweet) End

Anyone who reads this magazine or visits our Web site knows that PMY employees work hard. Really hard. Our editorial staff of eight full-time editors—larger than any other marine publication’s—along with a three-person art department and two-person production department puts out 18 magazines

Posillipo Technema 120

Posillipo Technema 120

A few years ago Gianfranco Rizzardi rescued the troubled Posillipo brand, jump-starting it with a new Technema 105-footer that, as the story goes, took just 700 days from inception to launch. Complementing the five existing models in the Technema

Global Yacht Globalarrow 68

Global Yacht Globalarrow 68

Although the name Global Yacht Builders is new, the company's executives and managers are industry veterans who have combined their talents to launch this venture. Located in the heart of Kaoshiung, Taiwan, one of the premiere hubs of high-end yacht building in Asia, Global Yacht Builders' yard boasts

Just Chill

If it weren't for the seascape, you might think you were on land due to this eclectic decor.

Surrounded by an atmosphere that's this unusual and visually stimulating, you might wonder how well the owner can follow the directive of his 115-foot yacht's name: Be Cool. But cool he is, judging from his eclectic taste in decor

Mind, Body, and Spirit

From the crest on her superstructure to the owner's-suite balcony, Ability personifies custom construction.

I've never had the urge to pet a yacht the way I'd pet a puppy, but this time I just couldn't help myself.

I was standing in the skylounge of Ability, and there before me was a veritable fur fest: a large

Ethanol: Should You Panic?

In the past year there's been a lot of worry among boaters about the ill effects of soon-to-be-universal E10 ethanol-blended gasoline. Depending on who's talking, the changeover from gasoline laced with methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) is a small problem, a catastrophe of biblical proportions, or somewhere in between. But what's the truth? Should we panic? Here's what you need to

TR-1 Gladiator YTS Autopilot

With its YTS model, Nautamatic is finally offering a conventional control head for its unconventional yet well-proven autopilot technology. In fact, the three buttons and dual-function knob (steering or course setting) are about as simple as it gets and a welcome contrast to its original ten-button wired remote. You still get the remote and its unique facilities

Raymarine G190

A Lauderdale line that rings true: "19-inch is the new 15-inch." We want bigger displays, and bezels are getting thin enough that we can have bigger in almost the same helm space. Raymarine's elegant G190 monitor is a good example, featuring nine video inputs with direct-access keys and flexible PiP (picture-in-picture) ability. Its front side is waterproof and,

FLIR Navigator

While BMW's optional Night Vision is winning raves for its ability to help drivers see obstacles beyond their headlights, I'd argue that the same thermal technology is even more valuable for negotiating a pitch-black channel or recovering a person overboard. So isn't it nifty that BMW's 70,000 cameras-a-year order is why manufacturer FLIR can now offer marinized

The Perfect Couple

Rising fuel costs are of serious concern. And even though fuel prices are dropping at the time of this writing, they may be on the rise again by the time these words are read. Even if that's not the case, it's widely held that fuel prices will eventually rise and never come down to levels seen during past

Diesel 101

The author (left) and another student get a torque-wrench tutorial from instructor Larry Berlin (right).

A friend of mine who I considered to be a knowledgeable, experienced boater recently made a remark in passing that startled me: "The most important tool in my toolbox is my checkbook." He was serious. Every time he noticed a

Gunk Be Gone!

After I'd delivered my Grand Banks 32 to her new Florida home, her whole schtick changed—she went from being a true long-legged cruiser to the maritime equivalent of a couch potato, with a travel regimen featuring whole weekends dockside (for dealing with maintenance projects left unaddressed during the jaunt down the Intracoastal Waterway from Maryland)

Magnetizing Your Diesel Fuel

Near the end of the 2005 boating season, Richard Thiel, PMY's editor in chief, was in trouble. Just a few hours before he was about to fly to Italy, fuel problems had strangled his boat Ava T. in the middle of Long Island Sound. Since the fear of missing an expense-account junket to Europe haunts every member of the boating press, Thiel, an expert mechanic before moving to an

2007 Marine Engine Roundup

Inspiration is a funny thing. At one time boatbuilders looked to on-road engine designs for the newest technologies. Then, as the popularity of boating exploded, they discovered powerplants designed just for marine applications, whether hanging off the transom or rumbling under the deck of an inboard cruiser. But as many of us know, everything works in cycles, and for 2007 a number of engine

Monica Botto

Graphic Designer: Monica Botto

Monica Botto is the newest addition to the Power & Motoryacht staff, having joined in June 2006. Among other things, she is responsible for all illustrations, interfaces with photographers, and manages the photo library. She studied fine arts and graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, from which she

Elizabeth Ginns Britten

Associate Editor: Elizabeth Ginns Britten

Liz grew up on boats, spending summers living aboard a 41-foot Viking convertible, 36-foot Hatteras, and other boats with her family and cruising all over New England, including Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Montauk, Sag Harbor, and Shelter Island.

Today, with 27 years of boating under her belt, Liz still

Kim Kavin

Charter/Cruising Editor: Kim Kavin

Kim Kavin is one of the world's foremost yacht charter experts. When she’s not on the French Riviera or in the Caribbean for Power & Motoryacht, she’s editing cruising features for its sister magazine, Voyaging or running her charter Web site, CharterWave. Kim also

George L. Petrie

Contributing Editor: George L. Petrie

Formerly a professor of naval architecture at the University of New Orleans, George is a professor of naval architecture at the Webb Institute and continues to provide consulting services to small craft designers, ship operators, and other members of the marine industry.

A graduate of the Institute of Naval Architecture

Desirable Destination: British Columbia

Sensational Sunlight | August

Obviously the ideal time to cruise the waters of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska is during the summer. The weather is mild, the days are long, and animals are literally everywhere you turn. And because Prince Rupert, British Columbia, is the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the waters of

Heesen 50-Meter Man of Steel

Heesen 50-Meter Man of Steel

Looking to up his own ante on indulgence afloat, the owner of the 38-meter (125-foot) Man of Steel has commissioned Heesen Yachts to build a 50-meter successor, scheduled for delivery in 2008. Though she's far from the biggest motoryacht around, she packs an impressive array of creature comforts

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