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Yacht Haven Grande, U.S. Virgin Islands

Surrounded by green mountains dotted with the red-roofed buildings of St. Thomas, Yacht Haven Grande sits in a natural deep-water harbor and provides a homeport for megayacht owners and guests to restock, relax, and escape. With high-end and local retailers, private residences, and four restaurants, it might even tempt yachtsmen to drop anchor for

The Five Commandments...

Illustrations by Scott Bakal

You thought getting the cash was the hard part and the rest would be easy, and maybe fun, too. But even with eight digits worth of mad money in your treasure chest, building a custom megayacht is a voyage littered with hazards. Running afoul of any of them could be costly in money, time, or

Fighting-Chair Physics

All the time and money you’ve spent to match perfectly tuned engines to your well-rigged convertible, researching and selecting the most advanced electronics, and all those practice runs boil down to this moment: You’re sitting on the biggest school of tuna you’ve ever seen.

You run to the cockpit, rig the lures, drop the lines, and toss that bait out there, just waiting for it to be

Follow That Bill

Angler. Competitor. Adventurer. These words come to mind as I listen to Capt. Norm Isaacs talk about his life on and off the water, and it’s been quite the journey for this big-game top gun. But unlike most great stories of blue water and behemoth fish, this one starts out in Kansas.

That’s where Isaacs was born, but he grew up in Texas, where he began fishing from riverbanks for freshwater

Demure Debut

Please excuse Anna's shyness. This nearly 220-foot Feadship greeted the dawning Dutch morning of January 12 ever so subtly, poking her bow out of her build shed with the help of a towboat before quickly retreating back under wraps. The behavior of Hull No. 673 of the venerable Royal De Vries yard can best be summed up by Julien Jouault, her owner's

Take a Seat

You've got the boat, the rods, the reels, and the tackle, and you're ready to head offshore where the big billfish swim. But before you go, you need one more thing: a rugged fighting chair that screams "serious fisherman onboard" to old salts and dock walkers alike. But how and exactly where in the cockpit do you install it once you've found the right chair?

Here Comes Class B

Thanks to Software Radio's all-in-one PCB, firms like Comar coan easily produce Class B AIS units-once they are approved.

That printed circuit board (PCB) at right may not look like much, but it's a key ingredient to the any-moment-now advent of Class B AIS transponders, and for that we kiss it. The evolving Automatic Identity

Northstar M121

I first knew the 12-inch Northstar M121 MFD as the Navman 8120. Now it not only has joined the Northstar family (upper right in group photo) but has gained a new little brother, the 8.4-inch M84, and brought along some 27 various Explorer smaller boat cousins. The latter are all based on Navman designs, only with black buttons and in some cases upgrades like

Custom Craft

These days a fully custom 100-footer is an anomaly, which suits Cheoy Lee just fine.

Experience often has a direct relationship to success; the more of it you have, the more likely you are to perform well. And nowhere is this truer than in boatbuilding.

If I had any doubt of that, it disappeared the moment I stepped aboard the

Warren S120 Sport Yacht

Warren S120 Sport Yacht

Taking the notion of an open sport yacht to new lengths, Brisbane, Australia's Warren Yachts has begun construction of a new flagship in its Sport Yacht series. Building on the success of its S87, the 120-foot S120 will make an awesome visual

Queenship Passagemaker 60

Queenship Passagemaker 60

A growing segment of the cruising market yearns for a safe, reliable, efficient yacht that's comfortable to live aboard, capable of ocean crossings, and manageable for a couple without crew. Many of them have the time, money, and desire to cruise the world on their own terms. Targeting that fast-growing

Poly-Planar Modular Marine Stereo

One sign of how deeply Poly-Planar rethought marine stereo is that it takes a while to fully comprehend its flexibility, power, and thorough boat-worthiness. Start with the basic $500 package, a MRD-70 combo AM/FM receiver and no-skip CD/MP3 player paired with a RD-44 control head; everything's waterproof, even the cable connectors, and the head, in either gray

Hatteland Series 2

Hatteland Display, a large Norwegian manufacturer with an excellent behind-the-scenes reputation, is going public with its new Series 2 Marine Multi Displays (MMD) and Marine Multi Computers (MMC). The interesting idea here is that interchangeable "backpacks" make identical slim-line screens into either conventional multi-input monitors or compact all-in-one

Raymarine LifeTag MOB System

Unlike some safety gear, you'll never have to worry if LifeTag is going to work when you need it. That's because it's what might be called an "alarm-on-failure" system; the receiver triggers an alarm whenever one of the constantly transmitting pendants goes out of its 30-foot range (overboard!), if it breaks or loses battery power, or when a wearer pushes his or

POI'd Off

This C-Map POI data is the best available, but it's still full of errors.

It's my good fortune that I get to spend many a fine summer's day hanging around beautiful, bustling Camden Harbor, Maine. Often I'm fooling with some new charting wonder because that's my job, and often I'm also scanning locally busy VHF channels because I'm

Time For a Change?

Are you the parent of tired, rusty, and thirsty gasoline guzzlers, the kind of engines that keep OPEC happy? If so, your boat's overdue for repowering with more efficient diesel motors. Today's oil-burners are lightweight, compact, quiet, and economical—they'll save you money at the fuel dock and add resale value. What's not to love?

Okay, there's a catch: Repowering with diesels can


Garmin chose the huge Marine Electronics Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam to preview an entirely refreshed marine line that will roll out during the first half of 2007, and I wasn’t the only bowled-over observer. We saw 20-something new products all boasting a sleek, new casing design as well as an intriguing new interface platform. For example, the latest

Privileged Privacy

If you have the means to enjoy a high-end yacht charter yet still haven’t experienced one, keep reading. Or if you have taken one yet have concluded that there’s nothing else that could be so tailored to your tastes, you should pay close attention, too. Chances are that neither of you realize there’s a company catering to the seafaring set that can and does offer access to an even more

No Boundaries

The 123-foot raised-pilothouse model shares some of the “cosmopolitan” looks that Palmer Johnson has honed in its Sport Yacht series.

When I stepped from the aft deck into the main saloon of the new Palmer Johnson 123 Muse, my first instinct was to say “ciao.” That’s an unusual reaction to an American-built raised-pilothouse

Cruise Missile: Pershing 90

The flashy paint job is head-turning, but so are the vertical hull windows for the master.

More than a decade ago at one of my first boat shows in South Florida, I ran into a photographer who was fond of boasting about his latest trips. He’d say things like, “Oh, I just took a little trip over to such-and-such,” name-dropping some

Pack 'n Play

Surprised to see a Portuguese bridge on a 78-foot yacht? You can opt for an open flying bridge instead, if you wish.

They took my toothpaste!

I was passing through the security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport in mid-October, and the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) agents pulled my carry-on aside to

Building Burger's Biggest Part Two: The Construction

[Editor’s note: On October 22, 2004, Burger Boat Company announced a plan to build the biggest motoryacht in its 141-year history: the 155-foot trideck Time for Us. Charter/cruising editor Kim Kavin was granted unprecedented access in following the project during the past two years. This is the second

The Art of Architecture

In the automotive world, Rolls-Royce stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Its cars aren’t the fastest, sleekest, or most tricked-out, but that doesn’t matter—what does matter is the name and the product stand for the utmost in luxury. Witness the fact that wealthy individuals ranging from heads of state to heads of multimillion-dollar corporations want and/or own one—indeed,

Show Us the Money

The phone rings—it’s Warren Buffett. He has an investment opportunity that should pay 15, maybe 20 percent over the next couple of years. You can get into for $10 million, but he needs a commitment right away. Only thing is, you’ve just spent all your money on a megayacht. Warren mutters something about your financial savvy and hangs up.

Now you know

Birthday Bash

It all began with an e-mail: “Come to Amsterdam and wish Rembrandt a Happy 400th birthday.” It seems Crown Blue Line (CBL) was promoting its charter boats in Holland. I’d no idea you could bareboat in Holland, yet discovered the company has two bases there—one in Strand Horst, 35 miles east of Amsterdam, and the other in Sneek, about 60 miles north of Strand

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