Albemarle 360 EXF

By George Sass Sr. | Posted January 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Albemarle 360 EXF  If you’re looking for a boat that you can fish hard when you want to, but is also good for cruising with the family, we...

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Albemarle 290XF

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted April 2008

When the first sailfish hit, we were running along the eastern edge of the Gulf Stream. The day was perfect, with the wind northerly, seas averaging six feet or more, and the sun bearing down just...

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Albemarle 330 XF

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted June 2007

Singer Island, Florida's Sailfish Marina restaurant was in aprs-fish mode when I arrived around 6 p.m. At its outdoor tables and bar, salty types—mixed among snowbirds and coeds—sported...

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Albemarle 360 XF

By George L. Petrie | Posted April 2006

Let’s be frank. Notwithstanding an attractive, nicely appointed interior, there’s nothing frou-frou about the Albemarle 360 XF (Express Fisherman). Everything about her is solid,...

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