ACY 68

By Pete McDonald | Posted May 2010

How often does the builder of a sportfisherman have to qualify a recorded top end of 43 knots?American Custom Yachts (ACY), known for building some of the world’s fastest battlewagons, did just that...

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American Custom Yachts 90

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted July 2009

Back in 1989, Monterey Marine, which became American Custom Yachts (ACY), launched a vessel named Renegade. At 80 feet LOA, her displacement was a mere 120,000 pounds, even with twin 7,000-hp MTU...

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ACY 72

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted September 2005

Recently, I’ve had a string of bad luck with South Florida weather. The past few times I’ve been on the water there, the skies have opened up, the seas turned snotty, and I’ve been subsequently...

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