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Viking Sanlorenzo SD92

By George L. Petrie | Posted March 2007

Viking Sanlorenzo SD92It was just last year that the Sanlorenzo 88 debuted, the first in a line of custom yachts offered through an alliance between New Jersey-based Viking Yachts and Sanlorenzo,...

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Viking Custom Yachts Sanlorenzo 88

By George L. Petrie | Posted September 2006

Viking Custom Yachts Sanlorenzo 88Some years ago, as a means of expanding and diversifying its product offerings, New Jersey-based Viking Yachts forged a strategic alliance with England’s Princess...

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Viking 68 Convertible

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted February 2006

The difference between testing a new Viking and other convertibles is the same as the difference between following the New York Yankees and most any other baseball team. The Yankees are obsessed with...

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Viking 56 Convertible

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted May 2003

When Viking Yachts intro'd the popular 55 Convertible about a half-dozen years ago, I was way more intrigued than I usually am when a manufacturer splashes a new vessel. The size was right, for sure...

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