Azimut 60

Power & Motoryacht Tested: Azimut 60

This 60-foot flying-bridge yacht gets minor updates to make a major improvement. With its glossy topsides and Harley Earl fins, this sleek and sinuous Azimut 60 might look like it’s been plucked from some pinnacle of sybaritic luxury, but what you’re actually looking at here is a battlecruiser.

Magellano 76

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Magellano 76. The boat is a mix of old-school, almost trawlerish lines, mixed with an unmistakably modern, cutting-edge kind of beauty.

Magellano 50

If you’re looking for a stylish, long-range cruiser with serious environmental credentials, look no further than the Magellano 50.

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of Azimut Yachts' Magellano 50. Featuring photo gallery, video, layout plans, boat review, final boat test numbers and more.

Azimut 62S Italia

Azimut’s 62S Italia Offers A Refined Layout And Plenty Of Performance.

Azimut marked the 150th anniversary of Italian unification in 2011 by relaunching one of its most popular and successful models. Newly dubbed the Italia in honor of the occasion, the 62S reminded us that she blew our socks off when we tested her in her original guise six years ago. She had everything—looks, performance, comfort, and innovation. In fact, she seemed to us to be pretty near perfect...

Azimut Grande 100

The Azimut Grande 100's striking profile, which was conceived by Stefano Righini, is undeniably slick, with stiletto-sharp lines throughout.

Azimut Magellano 50

Azimut Magellano 50

When Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the earth in the early 1500s, it’s safe to say he did so in discomfort. And while his ship Victoria certainly produced no emissions, it is also safe to say that she was not built with eco-compatibility in mind. This is all in stark contrast to Azimut’s new Magellano 50, which takes

Azimut Grande 100

The Grande 100 is a big, sleek cruiser that is sure to please.

With its Grande 100, Azimut has put together a yacht that combines style, comfort, and performance like few others. The boat is notable for its strikingly sleek profile, which is all the more remarkable when you realize that her interior can be configured to feature a gym, media room, and

Azimut 72S

A Beauty And A Beast

Azimut’s newest addition to its s collection is fast, chic, and suffice to say, she’s got a bit of an edge to her.

In one of the more memorable lines from the Cockney crime film Sexy Beast a burly safecracker named Gal barks bluntly into the camera, “Back off, I’m beautiful.” That phrase could very well be stencilled onto every Azimut 72S as the

Azimut 38

Azimut 38

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

That’s why Azimut put so much time and care into developing the 38. The boat measures 39 feet and makes efficient use of that space, particularly on her flying bridge, which houses a sunpad and sofa area. Down below, the master cabin features spacious wardrobes that make the

Azimut 64 Flybridge

High Flyer

This 64-foot Italian Import offers owners a blend of speed, grace, and class.

Set firmly at the midpoint of its flying-bridge range, Azimut’s new 64 bears the hopes of an entire shipyard on its elegant shoulders. This yacht was launched at last fall’s European boat shows and is a crucial component of the Italian boatbuilding giant’s balance sheet. She

Azimut Magellano 74

The Voyager

Azimut takes a look at the past and steps into the future.

When a production boatbuilder sends its latest prototype on a 2,000-mile shakedown cruise right after the boat’s first show, you know it must be serious. Especially since the show was in October and the shakedown lasted into the Mediterranean winter.

Azimut is indeed deadly serious about the

Azimut 53

Owner's Delight

One look at this boat’s master cabin and you can see why she was named boat of the year.

Anyone familiar with the Mediterranean will know from hard-won experience that the weather isn’t always as it’s shown in the tourist brochures. But a blizzard was a new one on me. A huge low-pressure system had marched in from the Atlantic, and by the time it was

Azimut 82

If you’re a boatbuilder, one of your most difficult challenges is knowing when to replace a model. After all, designing a new boat is a costly endeavor, to say the least. Way before fiberglass meets resin, you’ll have spent at least a million dollars in design, tooling, and testing. To make sure you get that money back, plus a nice profit, you need to build and sell as many of each model as you

Azimut 58 Flying Bridge

Italy has hundreds of little museums, most with something worth looking at behind their engraved doors. Sometimes the art is inspiring, sometimes just surprising, but usually adding up to something fine and enjoyable. Moreover, it helps you understand what style and craftsmanship are supposed to be about.

You could say the same thing about Azimut's 58 Flying Bridge, specifically the

S Is for Spectacular

When you pack your bag for a trip to Dubai, it's just as well to include, along with your sunglasses, passport, and gold credit card, some suspension of disbelief. Nothing quite prepares you for the place that a generation ago was little more than a few mud-brick dwellings and some concrete warehouses lining the now-famous dhow-packed creek.

Today it is one

Azimut 47

Ah, the Mediterranean in early June, when every yachtsman feels he has a right to decent weather. And sure enough, when I got there it was warm, with low humidity and calm seas. Perfect conditions—except for boat testing.

In the new marina at Varazze, 15 miles west of Genoa on the Ligurian coast, Azimut's new service and delivery center was abuzz with activity. The shops all looked

The Big Red One

Azimut 103S

With each subsequent model in Azimut's sexy, sleek S range, the talented design team of Carlo Galeazzi and Stefano Righini raises the bar. From the bambina, the 43S, to the

Azimut 43S

The slick exteriors and restrained yet contemporary interiors of Azimut’s flying-bridge models, courtesy of the dynamic design duo of Carlo Galeazzi and Stefano Righini, have succeeded where others have failed: executing striking design across a line of flying-bridge cruisers. And while they are now available in sizes ranging from 39 to 116 feet, the builder felt it needed to offer more than just

Azimut 116 Video