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Wacky Boat Technology

Is technology for technology’s sake worth it? 

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Our columnist, world-renowned yacht designer Michael Peters, found out that that saying applies to boatbuilding in more ways than one.

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Carbon Craft 180

Our first look at the Carbon Craft 180 tender. These boats are about as space-age as it gets in the world of high-end tenders, and nowadays that’s saying something.

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Custom Line Navetta 28

Our Boat Test of the Custom Line Navetta 28. 

When European Editor Alan Harper got aboard the Custom Line Navetta 28, he wondered at the understated interiors with no shortage of luxurious appointments. But the true level of sophistication comes from her sound levels, which dropped off the bottom of his meter. See what we’re whispering about here.

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Fountain of Youth

The sport of fishing has an almost magical ability to keep us all young at heart, especially if you take the kids along with you.

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Photo Gallery

MJM 50z

A close look at the MJM 50z.

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Hunt 80

Our Boat Test of the Hunt 80. 

With its 80, Hunt pushed its boundaries for building larger boats, and came away with a boat that is eminently cruisable, not to mention pretty. Read the full test here.

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Fuel Additives for Your Boat

With marine-store shelves sagging under fuel treatments that claim to address a variety of problems, Here's a closer look at three that just may do the trick.

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