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Prettiest Boats of All Time

After weeks of fierce debate, the editors finally agreed (kind of) on a list of the 25 prettiest boats of all time. Here are just some that made our list.

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Azimut 50

Our Boat Test of the Azimut 50. 

A lot is expected from a 50-foot boat. And Azimut was up to the challenge with its 50, which we found to have comfort, speed, and lots of good looks.

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Sea Tales

Not Going Down with the Ship

Sometimes there's no sense in going down with the ship.

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The Arneson Drive

When it comes to speed and durability, it’s hard to beat Arneson.

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The World’s Largest Yachts: 2015

You want it, you got it. We list the world's 100 largest yachts in order and also share interesting insight into the boats and their designers and owners that you won't want to miss.

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How to Make a Boat Greener and Energy Efficient

Gizmo is one of the highest-tech boats of her class to be certain, but can she be more than that? Could we get her to be ecologically sound too? Find out here.

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Horizon E84

Our first look at the Horizon E84. It’s no wonder this boat caused such a stir at the 2015 Palm Beach show, where she debuted. Just drink her in.

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