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How-to Guide to Knots, Hitches, and Linehandling Techniques

A guide to all the knots, hitches, and linehandling techniques you’ll ever need to know, including demonstation videos.

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How to do a Three-strand Splice

This is the easiest, most common splice. Typically, it’s used to put an eye in the end of a mooring line or anchor rode.

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Essential Equipment for Your Boat

Some onboard equipment is just indispensable, whether it’s required safety equipment or gear on which you’ve come to rely help you feel safe. To see the things we won’t leave the docks without, look here.

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Invictus 270FX

Our first look at the Invictus 270FX.  

Who says the Americans have the center console market on lockdown? This boat makes a strong argument that the Europeans can compete for real.

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Photo Gallery

Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28

A photographic look at the Navetta 28.

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Garmin Panoptix PS60 Through-Hull Transducer

The PS60 allows Garmin to add performance to its triple-threat Panoptix sounder system.

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Sea Tales

The U.S. Navy Has Your Back

“I had no idea a boat could sink that fast!”

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